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Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board (ScAB) of the SUMES project consists of seven members:

The selection was based on 1) their interest in the SUMES project and its objectives and 2) the coverage of experts in multiple disciplines (e.g. life-cycle thinking, ecosystem services concept, legal frameworks, marine activities, risk assessment models, etc.). The selected ScAB members are involved in several international, European and/or Belgian projects and contribute the knowledge gained in these related projects to the SUMES project.

Several bi-lateral and group meetings between the consortium partners and ScAB members were organised to evaluate the validity and completeness of the proposed sustainability model. This not only benefits the development of the SUMES model and framework, but also promotes harmonisation of ecosystem sustainability impact assessment frameworks and agreement on an internationally standardised framework to improve the use and comparability of sustainability impact assessment. As such, this project is a multidisciplinary effort with a very strong knowledge-integration potential.