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 Deliverables of SUMES

Deliverable 1.1
Deliverable 1.2
Deliverable 2.1


Deliverable 2.2


Deliverable 2.3
Deliverable 2.4
Deliverable 3.4
Deliverable 5.1
Deliverable 5.4
Deliverable 5.5








































These are the deliverables that are provided as open-access, and can be downloaded directly by clicking the link. For the restricted deliverables, metadata can be found  in IMIS, either by clicking the links below or using the module at the bottom of the page:




Scientific papers of SUMES

Aside from, or as a part of, the deliverables above, several scientific papers and contributions were published by the partners within SUMES. These publications can be downloaded below. A link to the metadata record in IMIS is provided as well. 

L. Van de Pol, et al. (2023)
M. Custodio, et al. (2022)
L. Vittoria De Luca Peña (2022)
S. Taelman, et al. (2023)
L. Vittoria De Luca Peña, et al. (2023)















Following abstracts were made available through the SUMES project: 

  • De Luca Peña, L.V.; Taelman, S.E.; Staes, J.; Bas, B.; Préat, N.; Dewulf, J. (2023). How sustainable are offshore windfarms? An assessment to quantify local to global (socio-) environmental impacts of a case study in the Belgian Continental Shelf, in: Mees, J. et al. Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Science Day, 1 March 2023, Bruges. VLIZ Special Publication, 90: pp. 22 (link)




SUMES collection in IMIS

Both the deliverables of the SUMES project and relevant background literature are made available through the Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS). The IMIS catalogue stores information on marine datasets, publications, persons, institutes and projects, and links them through adequate metadata. In doing so, 'special collections' are defined that are of interest for both national and international projects or can be used by institutes to support the management of information. 

All publications that were deemed relevant for the SUMES project, are listed in the module below: